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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Obviously there has been a lot of change in our lives since my last post! We decided to make a huge change and move! We had been considering moving to Arizona for quite a while, pretty much since we got married. It was never quite the right time though, because of my surgeries or being in a lease. Our lease in Denver was up end of January, we were looking for houses to rent, we were tired of paying a lot of money to live in crappy apartments. When we couldn’t find anything in our budget, the thought of living in the same apartment for another year made me want to puke. So Gary threw out the idea ” Why don’t we just move to Tucson?” So we packed up our stuff and three weeks later we moved! It sure has been an adventure. God really brought us to a place where we needed to depend on Him alone. As scary as it was not having a roof over our heads in a disappointing circumstance, He took care of us and gave us some wonderful church family that brought us in and encouraged us! We were with them for almost two weeks and found our new apartment. It is cheaper and nicer than our one in Denver, so we feel like we made the right call! Here we will be able to save up and possibly buy a house when our lease in up in one year.

Gary and I both have jobs, which are both challenging jobs. The Lord is really moving in my heart to help me find the career He wants me to have. I love working with kids, but it seems like the child-care field just isn’t for me, but God is using that to build a desire to work with kids in a different way. I am looking into different masters programs, possibly speech language pathology, or a masters in early childhood education with a reading endorsement. I really like working with kids in small groups or one on one. The child-care classroom does not allow for group time let alone any one on one time with any special needs children that are in my class. It breaks my heart every day I leave feeling like I could not give enough to these children because I’m sorry, but a ratio of 13  three year old’s to 1 teacher is just WAY to much. I can understand how teachers get burnt out and start not enjoying their job. So I will be looking for what God has for me in this circumstance and find ways to enjoy the work that He has given me.

We have also found a church! Yay! We started going to a church called Revolution, it’s an Acts 29 church in Tucson. We really like the people and are excited to get involved. I am excited to make friends! I am really missing girl time.

One recurring thing I am having a hard time with, it sharing my story, and it’s not because I feel uncomfortable telling people. It’s because I don’t want them to feel uncomfortable. Some feel the need to apologize for asking about us having children, while others try to relate. Either way it’s an awkward situation, because it’s normal for people in Gary and I’s state in life to be working on having children,so it’s a normal question to ask, they just don’t expect to hear “I can’t have children, I had a hysterectomy, but we are hoping God will allow us to adopt”. We are hoping that adoption is in our future, but I cannot allow that to be my hope. God has an amazing plan, that I can’t even imagine! Gary and I’s life together has been such a journey. People tell us that we are “still practically honeymooner’s” and it cracks me up. We have been through so much life in the last two years it feels like we have been married for 15. Not in a bad way, but we know each other really well.

If there is anyone reading this that would like for something to pray for us about. We really need prayer about our jobs, Gary is in  a sticky situation and wants to make the right call. I am also trying to decide what to do about my job, and how long I can stick it out. I also need prayer that I will be able to talk to people easier. I think the stress of if the children question coming up builds up my anxiety and in turn is making me less social, especially in meeting new people. Gary has actually been more outgoing than me! Thank you friends and family for all of your support! Love you all!