So we are finally back at our apartment and it feels great! Thank you so so much everyone for your prayers and thoughts. I am so glad to be out of surgery and looking forward to the future and moving past this. The tumor (which was benign!!!!!) had taken over my right ovary so my oncologist performed a complete hysterectomy and an appendectomy , I had some adhesions on my appendix from my last surgery, and I guess you don’t need it anyways. It is quite the surgery to heal from, but I am recovering so so so well. I had an epidural which is amazing and helped me to not feel as much pain. The epidural also made it so that I didn’t have to be on morphine, which to me is a gross gross drug. So I was only in the hospital until Thursday afternoon. Two and a half days! That is awesome! God is teaching me so much through this, I know it will be hard, but I also know that He will provide and that He LOVES me so much. He is sad with me, I am sure He doesn’t like seeing me go through this. I have only had a few mild hot flashes and night sweats, but so far not too bad, I didn’t experience any in the hospital which I am so grateful for. We are waiting on some test results that will help us determine whats next. Hopefully the tumor was not estrogen sensitive so that I can have hormone replacement therapy and will not have to go through menopause yet! That would be so so wonderful. Thank you everyone for your prayers and continue to pray that God will give us rest and peace.  ❤